Report from the North Fork

Hi everybody! I’ve just returned from vacation on the North Fork of Long Island, which is one of the great wine regions of New York State, and I’m excited to announce we will be carrying new wines from a select number of North Fork vineyards.


For the rest of summer, we will be featuring the wonderful, dry, french-styled Roses of Croteaux Vineyards. For those who have visited this beautiful vineyard, you probably know that they sell out of all their current vintage by mid-August, and all you can do is wait until next year. In this special case, because I was there in person, I was able to reserve a limited amount of several of their delicious Roses. We will be featuring these wines in tastings for the next two weekends – keep your eye on our Facebook page for details.


Tasting Croteaux Cab Franc and Merlot Roses

One Woman

I’ve posted about One Woman in the past, how much I enjoy their wines, and how difficult it is to obtain them in NYC. This year I was happy to discover they are now licensed to distribute their wines to select NYC shops, and immediately put in an order for several different bottles that we will be tasting in the next few weeks and into the fall. They successfully grow grapes that few other North Fork vineyards attempt, and I am excited to bring their delicious wines to Brooklyn!

Here is a video I made about this vineyard several years ago:

More From the North Fork

In addition to these wines, subject to availability, we will also be carrying a number of other North Fork wines, including Wolffer Estate and Pellegrini. I’ll be updating you as we confirm what we are able to get our hands on.

Can’t wait to share these fantastic, local wines with Brooklyn!

Have a wonderful time in the remaining summer – Heather and the Good Wine team