About Us


Good Wine is a new incarnation of the wine store PicadaYVino, which was established in 2008. In 2015, Heather Johnston, a Park Slope resident and professional chef, took over the shop from its previous owners, who have moved on to other adventures.

Heather’s main goal with Good Wine is to sell great, affordable wines from around the world and to help people match them with food in a variety of settings: meals at home, parties, events and celebrations.

The shop now contains Heather’s 1200 volume cook book collection, so if you are looking for recipe ideas, feel free to browse or ask for ideas!

In addition, Good Wine’s website is becoming a catalog of videos and recipes, some related to our weekend food and wine events, and some just useful for home cooks looking for ideas.

The Good Wine monthly newsletter will contain the previous months’ tasting recipes as well as upcoming events.

Many of the new staff have attended cooking school or wine education and all are enthusiasts for food and wine in casual, home settings as opposed to fancy fine dining scenarios.


We are child, stroller, and dog friendly. There is seating and children’s books for your kids.