Wines and Recipes

Our Wine Selections

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Our goal at Good Wine is to fill the place entirely with wine we would love to drink ourselves, at a wide variety of price points. We taste wines from distributors almost daily, and only order bottles that we truly believe in. Unlike most wine shops, we don’t buy closeouts, package deals, or other enticements to carry mediocre wine that might have a higher margin for the shop and the distributor. This means that every wine on the shelf has been selected by someone who works in the store and was enthusiastic about the wine. For our customers, we hope this means that the odds of getting a great bottle go way up, even at the lowest price points.

Food and Wine Pairings

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Good Wine is owned and run by cooking enthusiasts, many of whom have had attended cooking school as well as some sort of wine education program. We love to pair wine with food! So if you know what you are cooking tonight, let us know and we will help you find the perfect match at any price point. If you dont know what you are cooking, let us help you find a recipe from our collection of over 1200 cookbooks in the shop!



In the coming months you can look in this section for a growing collection of videos and recipes contributed by the owner and staff that might give you ideas for a wine tasting, a dinner, or a celebration!